For King or Country?

What a small window of time was the convenience of life. Those of us alive now have seen unparalleled “progress.” The Americans of the late 20th and early 21st century have grown accustomed to leisure and comfort.

Even though there has been crime, poverty and injustice, the vast majority has had access to comforts of life not seen before in history. Central heating, ways to keep cool, food without hunting, gathering or farming, and access to education are just a few examples.

We have seen sports become religions with stadiums as temples and fans as worshipers. Entertainers live in extravagance and exchange meaningless awards between themselves. All of this financed by those with less who bring their offerings and by their merchandise.

Current events may be signaling a change. Depending on our outlook, it may be a blessing or a curse. Life may become more difficult. In many ways it already has. For thousands of years humanity has endured, resisted and outlasted monarchs, tyrants and nations. In the midst, life moved on.

Fortunes made, fortunes lost.

Days of plenty, days of want.

Sunrise and sunset, birth and death, joy and sorrow, comfort and distress.

Jesus interrupted history at his first coming to announce that we needed to rethink who God was. There were a lot of misconceptions that had taken his identity hostage. Jesus came to sort things out and redirect our thinking about the Father by looking at the Son.

Two thousand years later our vision is again distorted. Western Christianity has lost its way. It has become obsessed with the notion of going to heaven. Instead of recognizing that the kingdom of God is the true New World Order that Jesus commissioned us to take into all the world, American Christianity has reduced itself to selling fire insurance against hell and choosing to fight for political ideologies.

American Christianity has replaced the kingdom for the republic, the cross for the flag and patriotism is viewed as Christian service. Democracy now supersedes the kingship of Jesus.

The church in America has become a partner with the systems and governments of the world. I am very grateful for the freedoms and affluence of the American that I grew up in. Those who sacrificed over the decades for the American way of life did so with the best of intentions. Their efforts afforded us the peace and prosperity.

If this lifestyle is lost in my lifetime, it will not diminish my trust in God. You see, Jesus did not die to create Christian nations. He died to secure His kingdom with followers from every nation.

American Christianity is enlisted to fight a political one world government. Bad theology has it looking for antichrists, “signs of the times” and a rapture. Preserving capitalism and America have become synonymous with evangelicalism. Instead of being the salt of the earth, it is now a voting block and a political action committee.

Those who belong to Christ echo the words of Jesus to Pilate “My kingdom is not from this world.” We are ambassadors of Christ in a hostile world sent to demonstrate what life in the kingdom looks like. Christ was a living, visible image of God. We are now his body.

God is not restrained by who is in the White House, controls the Senate or is Speaker of the House. For those who love him and are called according to his purpose, he has reassured us that he will work all things for our good. Neither Pharaoh, Caesar nor numerous other empires have been able overthrow the kingdom of God. No one on the horizon will either.

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the lowly.”

Humble yourselves , then under God’s powerful hand,

so that he may lift you up at the right time.”

I Peter 5:5,6

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