Uncertainty and fear create anxiety.

We must give our attention to what is good,

what is possible

and what is certain.

Living With Hope

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Many websites and blogs give a great deal of attention to highlighting bad theology, wrong thinking and what is wrong in Christianity and the world. Certain Hope wants to create an atmosphere that does not dismiss the reality of problems, but approaches them in light of the certainty of what lies ahead.


I am grateful to God that He was patient and faithful. He knew my heart when I was young and watched as the fire slowly died. But He did not forget me. He no longer fits in the confines of a church building nor denominational structure.


Having been freed from the restraints of religion to experience the exhilaration of freedom in Christ, I look back only to remember the chains that once held me.

I have undergone a transformation. Its been gradual and sometimes painful, and it is not yet complete. It has been a stripping away of the encrusted barnacles of religion that accumulated on my soul in the institutional church.

P Edwin

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Living With Hope


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